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Artists Against Hunger, Uganda

How to Donate

Education, Food, Shelter, Safety and Guidance for Ugandan Orphans

In the Ugandan foothills, a few miles from the city of Mitanya, there is an orphanage dedicated to saving children from poverty, illiteracy, forced marriages, child abuse, sexual abuse, and continual hunger and malnourishment.

Artists Against Hunger Orphanage is currently caring for fifty-seven orphaned girls and boys. The orphanage is also committed to helping twelve vulnerable families with monthly provisions of basic needs. Spiritual discipleship and mentorship are central and pivotal in all our activities. But along the way we also grow food, provide education and health care for our wonderful children.

Helping Children in Uganda

About the Organization

Families in Uganda

Artists Against Hunger Uganda is a registered “not for profit organization” with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau with registration number 80020000667952. We are also a Community Based Organization with registration number BUS.DIV/120/2018..

Discipleship and an Attitude of Gratitude

We teach the children the word of God and provide opportunities for prayer, Bible study and fellowship. Coming to us from a situation of severe hardship, these children appreciate everything they receive. They often write sincere letters of thanks to donors on self-made illustrated cards. The children appreciate our donors and the power of God.


Helping families in Uganda


Uganda is a poor and beautiful country. A big proportion of Ugandan children have little chance to get an education. Without education, their lives are constrained by a recurring cycle of poverty and unemployment. Our goal is to educate vulnerable children and to equip and empower them as people and leaders. Tuition in our local school is $350 for each child. We can only achieve this large scale education drive through your generosity.

Uganda children with books

Work and Vocational Skills Development

Along with classroom time, the children work in the field during holidays and school breaks. The children help plant, harvest, prepare – and eventually eat and store – corn, beans, ground nuts, cassava and bananas. The young students operate a poultry farm and learn to take care of the birds. Extra food is distributed to nearby families.

When new structures are built on the orphanage property, the children learn about building and basic carpentry skills. The children also receive hands-on-training in baking, tailoring, weaving, hair-dressing and many other vocations that will help them in life. This work orientation makes these beautiful children rich with skills and potential and helps them cultivate their God-given talents and abilities.

Helping Uganda Children

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it. — Genesis 2:15

These Orphans Will Succeed!

Here are a few of our wonderful teenagers and the serious goals they have set for themselves. With your help, they will receive the education and training they need, and succeed in their life quests.

Uganda Orphan 4


Age: 17
Electrical Engineer

Uganda Orphan 3


Age: 16

Uganda Orphan 2


Age: 16

Uganda Orphan 5


Age: 17
Lawyer & Advocate

Uganda Orphan 1


Age: 17
Medical Doctor

Our Organizational Structure

Ronald Mutebi

Ronald Mutebi

Founder and Director

Ron is the founder and Senior Operation Manager. He and his wife Annet are responsible for all aspects of Artists Against Hunger Orphanage. They conduct the monitoring and evaluation of all projects and programs and are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the children. Ron serves as a mentor, heads daily prayer, devotion and Bible studies.

Board of Directors and Volunteers

The Artist Against Hunger Orphanage’s Board of Directors and Volunteer Team is a select group of professionals with specializations in accounting, teaching, child protection advocacy, spiritual mentorship–a team of pros dedicated to day-to-day well-being and protection of these wonderful children.

Our Donors:

We work closely with a number of churches all over the world. Through social media we have made many friends and donors. Here are the testimonials of some of our Artist Against Hunger donors.

“Getting involved with Artists Against Hunger Orphanage is a joyful and rewarding experience. You get the feeling even a little goes a long way. Ron and the kids always send a personal note of thanks, and you come to feel you know Ron and the kids personally. It’s a rich experience to be a donor.”

Jon Gindick

California, USA

“It’s been six years since I met Pastor Ron Mutebi and got involved in the Artists Against Hunger Orphanage in Uganda. With the help of a team of donors, I personally have received more joy, love and faith from knowing we are each making a difference.”

Roger Tuesi


“This is the real deal. Ron’s strong faith and abilities have led him to create a beautiful community of children, food, shelter, education, training, hard work, good manners and spiritual values. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute.”

Steve Tuna

Florida, USA

Artists Against Hunger Wishlist

Most of our donations go to the day-to-day operating expenses, food and tuition. Yet we also have dreams that will solve current problems and take
us into the future. 

  1. Establishment of a tuition fund so every child attend school.
  2. Re-roof the girls house.
  3. Build another deep water well for us and our village.
  4. Build a cattle, goat and piggery farm.
  5. Create a new orchard farm.
  6. Build a new community school.
  7. Build a new community hospital.

Won’t you help? Use the information below to make a financial contribution.

How to Donate

Via WorldRemit

Transferring funds to Uganda requires an intermediary service to get the funds from America to the Orphanage’s bank account.

We recommend World Remit at It takes just a moment to sign up and register your bank or credit card. Negotiating the website is easy.

To make a donation, once on the website, choose Uganda, Mobile Money Transfer, Airtel or Warid pesa. They will ask for the recipient: Ronald Mutebi, and phone. +256(0)758050791


We also recommend Paypal as a quick and reliable means to donate to us.

Our intermediary is a young man called Dane Rhoads and the link below is to his Paypal account. Once he receives funds for friends and family earmarked for “Ugandan Church” he sends the money to Ron through World Remit, saving you from having to sign up on WorldRemit.  Click here to make a donation on PayPal.

By Mail in the USA

For a tax deductible donation from the United States, there is a trusted intermediary, Valley View Bible Church, who will forward the funds to us. Checks should be marked “African Orphanage.” Checks only.

African Orphanage
Valley View Bible Church
4222 E Lincoln Dr
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Questions? Please-mail Pastor Ron at

Facebook.  Visit Pastor Ron and the Artists Against Hunger Orphanage at

Please e-mail Ron to tell him you have donated so he
can thank you and confirm that the funds have arrived.